Lindsay Cox

Animated short films

These short works stand as some of the more involved personal projects completed over the last decade or so. Currently I am less inclined to focus on creating distinct single personal short works as collaboration with others is more personally enriching. However I do have two stories I will continue to develop slowly.

Mixed Abilities Arts Video Projects

With the 'All of You' TV show project in full swing much of my current work is geared toward facillitating creative projects in video with people with cognitive disabilities. Working with people who experience the world (and express the world) in a completely different way is very rewarding. This perspective informs an underlying theme in my work - that of embracing that which is different. People with disabilities are artists with disabilities.

Youth & Schools Video Projects

As an artist working in media it often feels a great priviledge to engage various community groups on a creative level and this is doubly true when working with youth and children. I'm often thinking on my feet, working on limited budgets with whats available in terms of physical space and props and technology too. Animation is seen as a time consuming process but over many workshops I have devised methods that bring quck results yet at the same time deliver a real taste of the art of animation.

Video Art, Video Mixing & Installations and model making