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Lindsay Cox portrait
Lindsay Cox animation & video A graduate of RMIT’s prestigous AIM Animation and Interactive Media Diploma in 1999, Lindsay Cox is an all rounder in the art of animation, photography and video production. Recent work includes animation & video projections for Melbourne International Comedy Festival show ‘Ode to Man’ and 45 Downstairs Theatre Production ‘The Book of Revelations’. Lindsay also works in corporate video production as well as documenting theatre and arts projects in still and video forms. He also has over a decade experience in facillitating a wide range of animation, video and video projection projects with diverse community groups of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. He is a graduate of RMIT’s AIM at Masters level with a research exegesis titled ‘The Birth and Rebirth of the Glitch’ (2009) a discussion of the role of the error in the development of motion picture technology and visual effects.

As an animator working in a mixture of traditional and new techniques Lindsay has had work broadcast on the Comedy Channel, SBS TV, ABC2 TV and SBS and ABC websites and worked as Props and Set Construction/animation assistant on Annecy award winning stop motion feature ‘Mary & Max'(2009). Lindsay also collaborated with People with disabilities at Footscray Community Arts Centre on ‘All of You’ a surreal comedy TV series pilot that employs animation, filmmaking and greenscreen video and ‘Citizen Reporter’ an interview based TV formatted show in three episodes. Other projects of note include an Auslan sign poetry video projection collaboration with Deaf artists Walter Kadiki and Medina Sumovic titled Elemental Signs exhibited in the July 2012 Gertrude Street Projection Festival. This article published in ‘The Age’  details an animated work made in collaboration with Footscray Community Art Centre’s ArtLife for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2013.