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The Book of Revelations (2017)

Synopsis Ada’s world has become quite strange…nothing seems the same. Part contemporary opera, part art installation where cutting edge technology meets visual theatre, The Book of Revelations marks a new approach to immersive audio visual performance. Each audience member will have their own unique experience; the everyday may never be quite the same again.

Writer/performer Alison Richards
Director Nancy Black
Music & Sound Design Faye Bendrups, David Franzke, Christine McCombe
Visual Dramaturg Dagmara Gieysztor
Lighting Design Bronwyn Pringle
Puppets Rod Primrose
Shadow puppetry: Rachel Joy
Video artist: Lindsay Cox
Set Realisation: Theatre Research Institute

Ode to Man (2017)

Duration: 55 minutes

Synopsis A farewell to men in 15 chapters. Ode to Man blends storytelling, poetry and projected animation to critique our economic ambitions and romantic futures in a world where women dare dream to have it all.

Writer/performer Emma Hall
Direction & Dramaturgy Prue Clark
Projection & Animation Lindsay Cox
Sound design Chris Wenn
Set Design Ruby Smedley
Costume Design Nicola Gunn
Mentor Bagryana Popov

Winter Labyrinth (2016)

Public Art Installation

Synopsis A contemporary garden installation on the grounds of FCAC featuring a labyrinth designed by Teagan Connor. Inspired by the past and the imagination, Winter Labyrinth brings one artist and her horticulturalist and animator colleagues together.

Through animation and video projection, the labyrinth fill the Footscray Community Art Centre’s Amphitheatre with an interactive installation with a centre piece of a huge ice sculpture designed by lead artist Teagen C.

Designer Teagen C
Concept, Projection & Animation Lindsay Cox
Sound design Dan M
Ice sculpture design Teagen C
Producer Susan Doel, ArtLife, Footscray Community Arts Centre

Elemental Signs (2012)

Duration: 5 minutes 55 seconds

Synopsis A Deaf Poetry and Animation hybrid video projection collaboration between animator Lindsay Cox and Deaf artists Walter Kadiki and Medina Sumovic. Created for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival July 2012 over 3 shoots and 5 days of post production.

Poetry Walter kadiki and Medina Sumovic

Animation & Video Lindsay Cox

About A self funded production created for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival July 2012 over 3 shoots and 5 days of post production.